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Our Team

A Bloc of Writers has over 10 years of experience helping students ace their college essays. Our team works one-on-one with students to guide them from inception through the final draft of the college application essay. Whether you are just starting to brainstorm or you have completed the first draft of your Common Application personal statement, A Bloc of Writers can help!


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About Us

What Parents Say


To put it mildly, this entire "applying to college thing" is extremely stressful and scary for parents trying to navigate this for the first time. I am grateful that you made time in your schedule to help my daughter get her essay done. Your quick and extremely helpful responses are very much appreciated. To be clear, without your assistance, my daughter would still be staring at a blank page.


Schedule Your Free Consultation

We offer a free 30-minute phone consultation, which will allow you to learn more about our services and figure out how we can help you gain admission to the college of your dreams.

At A Bloc of Writers, we work with students regardless of what stage in the college application process they are in, but our preference is to start early. If you are looking for college consulting guidance, sophomore or junior year is ideal, while it’s best to start (and complete) college essays the summer before senior year. That said, as application deadlines approach, our team will be working night and day to help you finish your college applications on time.

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